More orthodoxy, a brief introduction

The purpose of this blog is contained to a large extent in the name ‘more orthodoxy’. My aim is to share an orthodox witness to Christianity (in an ecumenical  way, including insights from Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant Christians).

The ‘more’ is to suggest a movement towards that orthodox understanding, in a conscious rejection of many of the underlying assumptions of ‘modernity’ or ‘Post modernity’- cartesian dualism, progressivism, utilitarianism and so forth. Rather, I understand that the Incarnation happened, Christianity is true and is expressed truly in orthodoxy, and I  hope to share biblical truths in an orthodox Christian Medium. There is something to be said for ‘the medium is the message’.

I hope to do this by focusing particularly on Theology, broadly understood, and build on the testimony of the Early Church who it appears had a ‘more orthodox’ worldview. A great benefit of this approach is that it supports the ecumenical movement to focus on our common Christian heritage, and may allow us to be one as Christ wants us to be one.


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