The Spirit and Fr Moses.

Let’s look at a wonderful figure in the Church today, aptly named Fr Moses and a leader in our day. He’s an inspiration, a humble, excellent Teacher who knows his history and let’s Christ’s light shine through it.
The good Father’s even preserved a cemetery for his ancestors, who suffered the hardship of slavery but built churches and lived the good life as they were able.

Moreover, he’s living the Orthodox life organically in a ‘non-Orthodox’ country and appears unburdened with the dead sense of tradition which would link the church to particular nations like Russia or Greece; offering instead a properly Christian vision of a garden, rich with many flowers of different colour and kind. There’s something of the Spirit of Pentecost at work here.

On this Feast of Epiphany/Theophany we may reflect on the various resplendent gifts of The Church, Her people and The Spirit’s ability to break down the barriers that divide along the world’s lines, breathing Life into the whole Cosmos in all its diverse beauty.


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