Welcome to More Orthodoxy, a page for reflection on God and His Good Creation.

I take insights from Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians and share them here for the benefit of any interested seeker.

There are a few themes-

A love for the mysticism of normal life- family, marriage, sex, sport, music, etc

This is God’s Good Creation.

A spirit of Ecumenism, always seeking the fullness of Truth.

Moreover, and on the more negative side; there should not be a strict secular and sacred dichotomy, clericalism is wrong, abstract creation- denying notions of ‘heaven’ are denounced as are doctrines which sound great but aren’t. I think Universalism and Pacifism fall under that category; I often label these AntiChrist ideas and recognise this can be a dangerous idea but I mean it in a very specific way. They fall just short of the Truth and are the worse for it- indeed the corruption of the best is the worst.

I respect the good where I can find it and that often involves those I disagree with, so I’ll share without full agreement if it’s right to do so.

To everything a season…

For more, see More Orthodoxy on FaceBook. I hope you enjoy and that some good news is revealed to you here.

God Bless!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Judy

    Yes, abstinence is held to a “godlike” status, but if no one married and engaged in sex, there would be no us. Someone has to do the “dirty deed” as it has been conceptualized by too many in Orthodoxy.


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