Welcome to More Orthodoxy, a page for reflection on God and His Good Creation.

I take insights from Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians and share them here for the benefit of any interested seeker.

There are a few themes-

A love for the mysticism of normal life- family, marriage, sex, sport, music, etc

This is God’s Good Creation.

A spirit of Ecumenism, always seeking the fullness of Truth.

Moreover, and on the more negative side; there should not be a strict secular and sacred dichotomy, clericalism is wrong, abstract creation- denying notions of ‘heaven’ are denounced as are doctrines which sound great but aren’t. I think Universalism and Pacifism fall under that category; I often label these AntiChrist ideas and recognise this can be a dangerous idea buy I mean it in a very specific way.

I respect the good where I can find it and that often involves those I disagree with, so I’ll share without full agreement if it’s right to do so.

To everything a season.

For more, see More Orthodoxy on FaceBook. I hope you enjoy and that some good news is revealed to you here. God Bless!


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